I am making this post in response to one of the comments left on my previous post explaining how to hard-code (or merge) the subtitles into an AVI(DivX/XviD) video file. I was asked what tools can be used to merge subtitles with MP4 video files and below is the complete procedure to do the merging using MP4Box and Yamb.

To merge subtitles into an MP4 video file, you need to download two very useful tools: MP4Box and its GUI interface called Yamb.

  1. Download MP4Box
    Download MP4Box for merging subtitles into MP4 files
  2. Download Yamb
    Download Yamb - a GUI tool for MP4Box
  3. Both the tools can be extracted to any location of your preference. I have extracted the contents of Yamb- to H:\PortableApps\Yamb and have extracted and copied MP4Box.exe too to the same folder. This is how it looks on my computer:
    Yamb and MP4Box downloaded and extracted
  4. Next thing you need to do is to tell Yamb where MP4Box is located. To do that, run Yamb from its folder, click on the Settings icon, double-click on the entry that starts with “Advanced settings for Yamb…”.
    Yamb settings

    Enter the path where you have extracted the MP4Box executable in the Location: text box. In my example, it looks like this:
    Specify the path of MP4Box executable in Yamb settings
    Click Next.

  5. Now you are ready to try merging subtitles into an MP4 file. Select the Creation icon this time and double-click on the first entry that starts with “Click to create and MP4…”.
    Select the MP4 and the subtitle file in Yamb and MP4Box to do the merging operation
    Click the Add button first time to add the MP4 file and then click the Add button a second time to select the subtitle file. The window should like something like this:
    Select the MP4 and the subtitle file in Yamb and MP4Box to do the merging operation
    Remember to change the output file name(like I did) in the Output text box located at the bottom of the window if you don’t want to overwrite your input file with the merged output file. Click Next.
  6. The following screenshot shows Yamb processing your request. It took less than 2 minutes on my computer to finish the job of merging subtitles into a 40 minute MP4 video file.
    Yamb and MP4Box merging subtitles into MP4 video file

    Click Finish when done to quit Yamb or click Back if you want to do more merging operations. The produced MP4 output file with merged subtitles:
    Playing a sample MP4 video with subtitles merged using MP4Box and Yamb

End Notes

You can use the MP4Box directly from the command line if you wish: the command syntax is really very simple, and you can actually do a lot more stuff using this tool. So do explore more about it over the Internet.